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Kristin Lindblad


Kristin is a writer and photographer who strives to share important stories, document the earth and its cultures, inspire people to explore, and raise awareness for crucial environmental and social challenges. She supports valuable projects, causes and initiatives through visual and literary storytelling, communications consulting and philanthropic efforts. Based between Maui and Manhattan, Kristin’s work and travels have taken her on adventures all around the world with a keen eye toward finding ways to help restore the world’s ocean and indigenous cultures. Her Oceansacpes ocean conservation photography platform was launched in August of 2018 and aims to inspire people to “feel the ocean” using her underwater photography through various partnerships in art, fashion, science and philanthropy. With her husband Sven Lindblad, the Founder and CEO of Lindblad Expeditions, Kristin’s vision is for a healed planet for tomorrow. Together, they run the Wanderlust Fund and provide crucial funds to organizations doing important work in cultural and environmental protection, global relief efforts, children and the arts.