Jalsa Urubshurow


Jalsa, a Kalmyk Mongolian, grew up in the US hearing stories of his ancestral homeland. After co-founding and serving as the chairman of the North American Mongolia Business Council and having been handpicked by the Mongolian Prime Minister in 1990 to advise on expanding travel from the West, he founded Nomadic Expeditions and pioneered luxury adventure travel to Mongolia. He is passionate about protecting Mongolia’s land and culture and co-founded the Golden Eagle Festival to preserve this centuries-old tradition and provide a source of income to Kazakh locals. He opened the award-winning Three Camel Lodge in 2002. It stands as an emblem of sustainable hospitality, supports local education programs and acts as a cultural center in the Gobi desert. Jalsa serves on the board of the Peregrine Fund and the Captain Planet Foundation. He has also been awarded the Order of Polar Star, the highest award the government of Mongolia can bestow upon a foreign national.