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4. The Marquesas – At the Heart of the Pacific Ocean

The Marquesan islands in French Polynesia are some of the most remote and beautiful in the world. The culture and language of the six inhabited Marquesan islands of Nuku Hiva, Tahuata, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva, Ua Pao and Ua Huka were almost crushed by decades of colonisation and the church but their revitalisation, started in the 1970s by a handful of passionate and determined islanders, can now stand - strong and full of joy - as a role model for the world. We are working with the Marquesan community to create a community cultural center on the island of Nuku HIva to represent the culture and language of all six of the islands, each with its unique artwork, dance, song, drumming, cuisine and traditional patutiki (tattooing). The centre will also promote and celebrate the biodiversity and conservation of the islands' majestic forests and surrounding ocean. We are honoured and inspired to work with this community and we are grateful for Kristin and Sven Lindblad for introducing us to this very very special people and place.

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