4. Kenya – The Maasai of the Amboseli

The Amboseli/Tsavo ecosystem in Maasailand in Kenya, in the shadow of the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, is home to about 125,000 Maasai – and some of the most stunning landscapes and vital wildlife in the world. Although the Maasai are well known and while there are many NGOs doing superb work in the area focusing on the urgently needed protection of the land and its populations of lion and elephant, active protection of the Maasai community’s culture and traditional knowledge and of the Maa language is surprisingly absent. As always, preservation and celebration of the local culture and knowledge are a crucial element in protecting the ecosystem. We are working with the elders and the warriors of the Maasai community ranches and with the Big Life Foundation to create a Maasai cultural and language education centre, complete with a photographic and technology centre. Watch this space!