4. Brazil – The Javari Community of the amazon

We are working with a number of Brazilian and international partners, including Celine Costeau's The Javari Project and Forest Trends, on a project with the Javari community in the Brazilian Amazon. The Vale do Javari covers an area larger than Austria and is the second largest indigenous territory in Brazil. It is also one of the ten irreplaceable areas of the world for its unique values in terms of biodiversity. The community is highly endangered - threatened not only by lack of services, healthcare and education (and badly affected by Covid) but also by illegal logging and mining. The Javari culture and land are both under great duress. We are working with the community to create a community and educational centre and to provide alternative sustainable livelihood support, healthcare support and habitat protection. These remote communities are the natural protectors of their forest but urgently need support - both to protect their culture, knowledge and language and to protect their very home.