2. Mexico – The Mayan of the Yucatan

In the Yucatan, we are partnering with the Baktun Foundation and TAE to protect and promote Mayan culture and traditional language. Mayan culture is alive and, in some ways, thriving and the Mayan people are proud and strong but the culture is under great threat. Climate change and economic realities are such that many Mayans leave their land to work in Cancun and other cities and the forces of commerce, modernity, population rises and forest degradation are having a profound effect on the connection of young Mayans to their roots. The culture is stretched and loses relevance and the written Mayan language is increasingly not known by the young. We are producing a documentary on the beauty and complexity of Mayan culture and we are building a Living Museum in the centre of Izamal: a gathering place for the community and a focus for workshops, arts and crafts and a living, breathing destination for locals and tourists to learn about Mayan culture.